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About Gorman Winery

The Birth

Chris Gorman descended into the wine business after graduating from university in 1991. Apparently too affected to climb out, he made the best of it. Cutting his teeth on world class Barolo and Barbaresco, he spent 3 years working for a small Italian importer and never looked back. For the next decade, as a main stay in the Seattle wine trade, Chris was lucky to represent some of the finest wines in the world. He traveled extensively in the wine areas of Italy, Spain and Germany. His is a simple philosophy: to make wine, it is imperative to understand it. Those early years found him producing small batch wines, using premium grapes and creating some of Washington’s most engaging wines.

Meet The Staff

Chris Gorman
With 30 years in the wine industry, twenty of those in wine production, Chris is well-equipped to have the keys to artisan Washington winery, Gorman Winery.